Working With Our Clients

  • How Wharton MidMarket Advisors Works with Clients

Wharton works to make certain that each and every engagement is successful. We don’t leave success to chance; we apply the same fundamental principles to every engagement whether your deal is worth $5 million or $300 million.

  • We present to clients a range of options

We perform comprehensive financial and strategic analysis to reaffirm management’s plan and objectives.

  • We only have Senior and Experienced Bankers

Wharton only uses Senior and Experienced Bankers leading and working transactions. We don’t use junior associates to manage transactions.

  • Making Your Deal Marketable

We have extensive experience in, and knowledge of, all aspects of private capital markets and mergers & acquisitions. We generate the greatest value for your company by:

  • Analyzing the market to determine what factors drive value.
  • Identifying the counterparties who will place greatest value on your offer.
  • Developing marketing documents that provide the most effective presentation.
  • Maximizing Shareholder Value

Our analysis lays the groundwork for a successful transaction by:

  • Assessing valuation and/or capital needs.
  • Determining potential structuring and transaction terms.
  • Developing financial/valuation analyses and scenarios.

With this foundation, WMMA’a senior professionals develop a broad understanding of the available options, then structure and negotiate the transaction to your best advantage.

  • Targeting The Highest Potential Buyers and Investors

We have an extensive network and relationships with leading institutional investors and strategic buyers. We use these relationships to contact the most appropriate targeted investors/buyers/sellers. We create a competitive auction including the buyers that we believe will value your business highest.

  • Minimizing Distraction

While you are pursuing a transaction, the last thing you can afford is to let your attention be diverted from managing your business at this most critical time. Wharton enables you to continue to focus on running your business while we focus on completing your transaction.

  • Reducing the timing of and Improving Certainty of Closing

Our defined process will reduce the time required to reach a deal and maintain your leverage and options throughout the transaction resulting in a much higher certainty of closing