Case Study

Herb Molan, President and shareholder of LL Rowe Company had tried to sell his business himself for several years before engaging Wharton MidMarket Advisors (WMMA). Prior to engaging WMMA Mr. Molan had only received low ball offers that were only partial cash offers.

Mr. Molan commented, “Wharton left no stone unturned and presented the company to nearly every strategic buyer and private equity investors in the sector that would appreciate the potential of the business”.

WMMA was able to get the company in front of buyers that the seller was not able to after years of trying. We ran a competitive sale process and obtained eight offers including one from a buyer that had originally made an offer before the seller engaged us but now their offer was 50% higher than before.

The owner accepted a higher offer and the business was sold to strategic buyer, TE Connectivity, in an all cash transaction. The seller had not even considered most of the bidders as a potential acquirer before engaging Wharton MidMarket Advisors.

LL Rowe Tombstone r1

Mr. Molan commented “The Wharton Team understood the uniqueness of my business and found the right buyers that could take us to the next level, I was delighted with their process and the results”.